My Journey Begins with Fulvic Acid

Almost a year ago, my hubby spoke to me about taking over a dormant company Quality Health and making it a family business. Never having run a business before, it sounded like a good idea…..little did I know what I would have to go through in order to get if off the ground.

I was “game” to the idea.

I’ve learnt that getting the right structure in place was a challenge, finding the right market, getting your message across was one hell of a challenge!

Having a full time job and often getting home around 19H00 in the evening, anything and everything done or contributing to the business was beneficial. Between sorting out the courier, to getting the business account up and running, to making a post to learning about making a video…..sjoe! it was and has been one hell of a journey.

To be an owner of a business I believe you need to believe in your product and to live it, so I started using Fulvic Acid double strength liquid and Pro32 Probiotic in the morning around 05h00 and Fulvic Acid tablets around 14h00. In-between all of this I was studying Business Management with an online university in New York.

To my amazement my bloatedness subsided, my tiredness had lessoned, my attention had improved tremendously, my focus had heightened and I felt more receptive to what was going on around me.

I knew people would think that I’m just trying to punt my product without substance, so I asked a friend to test the products. Gave him a complimentary pack and 4 weeks later he asked me about becoming an agent for Fulvic Acid products.

He enthusiastically told me his hair and nails had grown incredibly fast and he had an abundance of energy that he has started to speak to his friends about the products. He felt alive and incredibly zestful.

Lets face it, building a business is not easy, it is tough, it’s frustrating and initially non-rewarding.


When you get people believing in your brand you get the inspiration “to do more”.

So my journey begins and I’m now investing in introducing two (2) extra products to the line;

  • Energy booster
  • Flavoured waters – wildberry, lemlime and tropical

Watch this space for their releases……I believe in Fulvic Acid and wouldn’t want a day without it.

Combo of Fulvic Acid Liquid+Pro32 Probiotic+Fulvic Acid Tablet @ R950-00 including delivery in the Centurion area, outside this area max R100 for delivery fees apply. Stock is available.

The online store is available for purchases www.qualityhealthafrica.co.za