About Us


The company, Quality Health (Pty) Ltd was founded by Andrew Jansen van Vuuren in 2015.

Andrew created a distribution channel in the market as there was little to no knowledge of Fulvic, or how to obtain it, in the South African market.

Numerous products where developed over a period of time, which has now resulted in the product range frequently used by customers today. Quality Health is steadily growing market share.

Quality Health created a partnership for distribution with Wellness Warehouse, Faithful to Nature and private clients.

In February 2018, Andrew had a mild stroke which affected his motor skills and the ability to walk. He used a walking stick for a number of months.

Andrew turned to Fulvic Acid Liquid and Capsules to restore his general health and ability to gain his motor skills. Today he has fully recovered and no longer on daily medication. His persistent use of Fulvic has aided his recovery.

With Andrew’s knowledge of the benefits of Fulvic he pursued with sharing insight to customers, friends and platforms to encourage the use of Fulvic.

In 2019, Andrew got married and gave his business to his wife. She has pursued the growth of the product and, with the support of Andrew, developed partnerships with The Natural Edge in Australia.

The Natural Edge founding members are Brad Foster and Paul Doors.

Brad Foster had a similar story with three brain tumours which he had to undergo numerous operations. He used Fulvic throughout his recovery and has made a full recovery, due to the nutritional value he obtained from Fulvic.

The natural result of this was the establishment of the company, The Natural Edge. This is Australia’s first manufacturing and distribution of Fulvic, using the purest Canadian Peat in their products.

The Natural Edge products are available from Quality Health Africa online shopping store.