Fulvic meets Ozone

A warm welcome to Dr Colleen Faulconbridge PhD (IBAM) of the Body Revival Institute. She has joined Quality Health Africa as a Distributor promoting the use of Fulvic Acid with ozone treatments.

Dr Colleen Faulconbridge

Dr Colleen Faulconbridge has a wealth of knowledge in the holistic treatment and cure of body ailments. She believes that natural remedies contribute vastly to the cure through ozone treatment plans. Ozone treatment is at the core of all her success in the treatment of body ailments.

Colleen S Faulconbridge
50 3rd Ave, Illovo, Sandton
Phone: 27 11 788 5764
E-mail: colleen@bodyrevival.co.za
Website: www.bodyrevival.co.za

She has dedicated her life in finding treatment plans in the realm of the ozone approach.

Dr Colleen Faulconbridge is the Chairlady of the Ozone Association Southern Africa, a qualified Quantum Body Sonic Therapist, Board Member of International Ozone Association – Germany, and the member of Traditional Healers Association of Southern Africa. 

Treatment plans include :

  • Ozone Therapy
  • Herbalism and Therapeutic Nutrition
  • Diet Management understanding
  • NLP & PNI and kinesiologist (energy medicine therapist)
  • EFT
  • Quantum Body Work
  • Sanyassi under Satyananda Yoga – yoga teachers Fellowship

We are honoured to have her join the Fulvic family.