My First Year done…

A start of a new year. 2020 bring it on!

Fresh ideas, new vision and a lot of work ahead.

Building Quality Health Africa has been interesting, full of lessons, true taste of the maket and how important customers are to grow the business.

And my journey continues….

I can not put a value to the lessons I’ve learn’t, nor can I have the words of thanks to key individuals that make Quality Health Africa grow.

I feel I need to mention Oom Willem, a kind soul and a willing personality, always available and always willing to help. Thank you Oom Willem, you are an inspiration to me and you keep me focussed.

Heinrich, you help us in the background and you always make the magic happen, I thank you for your knowledge and kindness in making us tick over and grow.

Andrew, you know and see the growth and the passion, and without your insight Quality Health Africa wouldn’t be in the space we are currently. Your “up in the cloud thoughts” allow me to tap into a real business full of potential and possibility. Thank you.

The excitement of growing and touching international waters is wonderful. Reaching different levels of insight, creative ideas and meeting people passionate about Fulvic that truly believe in the product, adds to the inspiring growth for a company made of solid values.

A new partnership with The Natural Edge in Australia has created a renewed vigor and interest in the growth of Quality Health Africa.

In 2020, we look forward to expanding our range of products, more research and development and gaining a stronger market share with our suppliers and distributors.

Your customer satisfaction is very important to me. Your comments and suggestions are equally needed.

My aim is to assist you with friendly, effective and informed customer service. I want to build my quality brand in your household.

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