Healthy Fulvic Smoothie 4 / 2 by DJvV


A healthy start to every day


4x tablespoons walnuts, 2x large bananas, 2x tablespoons mixed seeds, 6x tablespoons raw oats, 8x tablespoons low fat plain yoghurt, 2x tablespoons Fulvic Acid, 1x 250ml apple juice, cinnamon spice to taste and 2x teaspoons honey

Blend all ingredients together and enjoy.

If too thick add ice cold water to desired thickness or ice cubes for more frozen effect.

Note – you can substitute the yogurt with flavored yoghurt, it is recommended to reduce the honey for sweetness.

Goodness facts about bananas : provides vital nutrients and a source of fibre, helps reduce bloating and can aid in the control of your appetite. Potassium : helps regulate the levels of sodium in the body which can lower blood pressure and helps prevent heart disease & stroke. It is vital for kidney health & can reduce the risk of kidney stones. Magnesium : essential for energy production, nervous system function and regulation of blood pressure & blood sugar levels.