Tired…Need Energy…Hundred things to do…by DJvV

The days just get longer and longer…get the kids to school, travel through traffic to get to work on time, deadlines, meetings, To-Do lists, rush home to collect kids, shopping, cook dinner, ironing…When? Where? When did my life become so hectic? What about me you might say?

The deadly routine of getting through the day, meeting all your responsibilities is taxing on oneself and not to mention, draining your energy. The constant rush and whirlwind of appointments….the list just goes on and on and on.

At last, that moment when you pull back the duvet cover and slip into your comfortable bed in the hope of a good nights sleep, the door opens with your child saying….”Mommy, my tummy hurts” or “Mommy, I have a project due tomorrow” or “Mommy, there is a monster in my room”……what next you may think!

Running a home, being a Mom, being a Parent, being a wife, being a domestic……time is not your friend.

Tired of being tired all the time…..it is time to take control and get the help you need to make you feel energized.

Quality Health Africa has a solution and offers a product called Fulvic Acid which is derived from the Humic group and family of Acids. This is described as the wonder healing supplement. This carries nutrients into the cells, captures toxins transforming them into participating energy which heals and re-energizes body cells by increasing electricity levels in the cells thus creating the necessary fuel for your body.

Fulvic acids are a family of organic acids, natural compounds, and components of the humus (which is a fraction of soil organic matter). Fulvic acid remains in solutions after removal of humic acid from humin by acidification.

Quality Health Africa is proud to announce a new product called “Fulvic Acid Energy Booster”. It can be used in the mornings and afternoons before meals. This product is non-addictive, non-intrusive and completely natural.

This new release will come in a sachet and will in future be available online store. Direct Sales from Quality Health Africa, please enquire on our website www.qualityhealthafrica.co.za, orders@qualityhealthafrica.co.za, info@qualityhealthafrica.co.za and Facebook @Qualityhealthafrica